125th Anniversary Beer and Wine

Brewer’s Alley and New Market Plains Vineyards are bottling commemorative beer and wine, respectively, to celebrate Hood College’s 125th anniversary. Brewer’s will bottle Kölsch, and New Market Plains will bottle a Chardonnay. These commemorative bottles will be available throughout the academic school year, from September 2017 through May 2018.

Phil Bowers ’83, a Hood College Board of Trustees member, is president of Fountain Rock Management Corp., the company that operates Brewer’s Alley. Brewers will bottle its Kölsch beer.

“It’s not so much about the beer; it’s more about presentation and the fact that we are celebrating a milestone for an important community member, Hood College,” said Bowers.

Bowers’ family has many generations of connections to Hood College, including four Board of Trustees members, five Board of Associates members and 13 alumni.

“My family has been associated with Hood for a long time, and [commemorative beer] is something we do as a business, so it makes sense to do that for Hood,” said Bowers. “It’s a natural idea.”

At New Market Plains, Nate Wood-Wilson, a 2005 Hood alumnus, is responsible for marketing labels as the vineyard’s business development manager. New Market will bottle a Chardonnay with the 125 label.

“We like to give back to Hood, specifically, and the town of New Market,” he said. “This is our first experience with commemorative bottles, and we’re greatly honored to be asked to be included in Hood’s momentous occasion.”

Nate’s parents, Howard Wilson and Sue Wood-Wilson, own the winery, and the farm has been in Sue’s family for 11 generations The Wilson family has several connections to Hood. Howard attended the College, Nate graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in management, and Ashley Nick Wilson, Nate’s wife, graduated in 2008 with a degree in communication arts and earned a thanatology certificate in 2014. Ashley is now associate director of alumni relations for the College. Nate is also on Hood’s alumni executive board. Nate and Ashley welcomed daughter Korinne in 2015.

“Hood’s been a part of our business,” said Nate. “It’s played an integral role in both my father’s and my life. We offer Hood alumni discounts as a matter of business.”

You can purchase the 125th Chardonnay at New Market Plains, 11111 W. Baldwin Road, New Market.

Through four generations and for 69 years, Colonial Jewelers have been a cornerstone of the Frederick community. To commemorate Hood’s 125th anniversary, Colonial Jewelers has created a Hood charm in 14 kt. yellow gold and sterling silver.