125 Profiles

We’re compiling 125 profiles of the people, places, things, traditions and buildings that make Hood the special place it is. Check back as we update this page and make our way to 125 profiles.

Dad and Daughter Weekend

Campus Day

Williams Observatory

Marx Center

White Blazer

Andrea E. Chapdelaine

Shirley D. Peterson

Blazer Bricks/Fountain

Robert N. Funk

Folklore at Hood College

Wisteria Literary Magazine

Martha E. Church

Touchstone Yearbook

Honors Program

Coblentz Hall

Hood Seals and Latin Motto

Chapel (clustered spires)

Hodson Outdoor Theater

Margaret Hood Ball

Hodson Science and Technology Center


Ronald J. Volpe

Mortar Board

Mother-Daughter Weekend

The Pergola

Shriner Hall

Blue and Grey Newspaper


The Hood Special Collections and Archive

Alumnae Hall

Hood Class Banners

Margaret Scholl Hood

Language Houses

Honor Societies

The Graduate School

Give Your Heart to Hood Day

Brodbeck Hall

Henry I. Stahr

Ionic Society

Liberation Weekend (Black Mind)

Beaux Arts Ball

Joseph Henry Apple

Camp RAUdy

Four Columns of Alumnae Hall

East Cottage

Joseph Henry Apple Library

Pergola Party

Andrew G. Truxal

Fall Family Weekend and Homecoming

Franny Delaplaine Randall ’45, H’06

Winchester Hall

Theodore H. Erck

Hood Magazine

Holiday Dinner

Thomas Gateways

Big and Little Sis/Sib

Coblentz Memorial Hall

Hood Hello

Smith Hall

Hood College Daylily

Student Government Association

Hood Ring

Ross J. Pritchard

Miss Touchstone

Meyran Hall

Policies for Dollars

Braddock Heights Picnic

A. Randle Elliott